Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beyond Crooks

Posted: 01/16/2006 09:59 am

Warning: Do not deal with These people are way beyond crooks, they are a disgrace to criminals.

Several years ago, not knowing any better, I went with them to do SEO, keywording, etc. on my site. They gave me the speach about what they could do for me.

After paying them $600 a year for years, I was tipped off by my webmaster about them and told them I didn't want to re-new. They kept calling and calling. I told them, "no, no, no!" I don't know how many more ways I could tell them, "NO".

They left a message on my cell phone! saying they were accessing my AMEX card for payment for the upcoming year!

I've had to get a new AMEX card just because of these crooks.

Watch out!

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Rita Deo Barber said...

I received a call from Lisa at Mainstreethost, soliciting my business for an amazing, great deal. Well, you know what they say: If it sounds too good, it probably is & it was. I checked this and other sites, the BBB, & spoke with my webmaster, who said "don't even go there". The next day the solicitor called again (BTW: I was to call her, NOT the other way around) & I said, "No thank you". Well, she bullied and bullied me, til I said, "We're done. No thank you" and hung up. She called me back and started screaming that I was a liar by my saying I had read complaints about them. Give me a break! I would NEVER do business with a company that hires loons, let alone one that had this many complaints about them.